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seals and packings

seals and packingsFabric-Reinforced Diaphragms Offer:

  • Positive Seal
  • Low Spring Rate
  • No Lubrication
  • No Breakaway Force
  • No Friction
  • High Strength
  • Functionality Over Wide Pressure Ranges
  • Low Cost
  • Simple Design
  • Versatility
  • Therefore, seals and packings is widely used for many applications.

O-rings, Seals and Packings

Agency: Defense Logistics Agency
Office: DLA Acquisition Locations
Location: DLA Land and Maritime - Philadelphia Detachment

DLA Land & Maritime Philadelphia will be soliciting requests for proposals from business entities interested in supporting worldwide demand of various restricted source NSN's from the 5330/5331 Federal Stock Classes. Solicitation SPM5M5-11-R-0006 is being issued to support this/these anticipated contract(s) for depot stock replenishment.. This initiative will be awarded under FAR Part 12 Acquisition of Commercial Items. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is required. The initial solicitation will require pricing for 116 (core) NSN's. The delivery requirement will be 120 days ARO. This initiative has 30 additional items (non-core) in the universe which may be added on a post award basis via the Add/Delete Clause as demand warrants (lists provided as attachment: SPM5M5-11-R-0006 Core and Non Core Items).
Subject solicitation will be issued as an unrestricted acquisition with the resultant being an Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) for two (2) base years and one (1) additional one-year option. . In determining contract awards, the Contracting Officer will make an assessment of the offeror's past performance and quoted price. Tools such as the Automated Best Value System (ABVS) could be used during this process. For this solicitation, past performance will be considered more important than price. Solicitation SPM5M5-11-R-0006 is expected to be issued on January 6, 2011 at No hard copies of the solicitation will be available. Responsible sources may submit a proposal which shall be considered by the agency.
NOTE: Copies of this solicitation can be found on the Business System Modernization - DLA Internet Bid Board System, DIBBS website after solicitation opening date at From the DIBBS Homepage, select "RFP" from the top bar. Next, search by the solicitation number you wish to download. RFPs are in Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to download and view these documents, you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software is available at
For additional information, please contact Celia Monge-Pastor, DSCP-NLGM at (215) 737-8328 or e-mail a request to






Dia•Com is a leading international provider of innovative, cost-effective molded diaphragm and seals and packings solutions critical to the operation of essential systems and equipment in industrial, automotive, aerospace, medical instrumentation, and food and water processing applications. The company's reputation for excellence is based on superior quality in the design, manufacture and application of its high-performance, state-of-the-art, fabric-reinforced and homogeneous elastomeric diaphragm seals.

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