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fabric reinforced diaphragm pump

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fabric reinforced diaphragm pump

Nose (Pasture) Pump

A water bowl is filled by a diaphragm pump, which is activated when the animal's nose pushes down on a lever. Animals should be 180 kg (400 lbs) or more to operate the nose pump and training is required. Smaller animals can use the pump with the installation of a special stall. One nose pump can water a maximum of 30 animals; although 15 - 20 animals are recommedned to reduce competition (See Figure 1). The pump is capable of 6.1 m (20 ft.) of maximum lift from the source to the bowl. Both the vertical lift for the water as well as the horizontal distance from the water souce to the nose pump must be taken in consideration.

  • Galvanized steel, polymer plastic and concrete tanks may be used.
  • Determine the tank size used in continuous grazing systems as follows:
    • has ability to hold one quarter of the herds’ daily water intake and
    • has a capacity that can be refilled in 1 hour or less.
  • Locate tanks away from surface water on level well-drained ground to minimize contamination and reduce muddy conditions around the tank.
  • Provide shade for water tanks to help control algae growth and maintain water quality.
  • Fit tanks with proper overflow devices to direct excess water away from the watering site to a stable outlet.
  • Frost-free watering systems are available for winter use.
  • Reinforce the ground around the water tank to prevent soil erosion and keep the area dry. Reinforced systems include:
    • 15 cm (6 in.) depth of gravel over a geotextile fabric (Figure 11)
    • 13 cm (5 in.) depth of concrete with roughened surface over 15 cm (6 in.) gravel and geotextile fabric (Figure 12).

fabric reinforced diaphragm pump

Fabric-Reinforced Diaphragms Offer:

  • Positive Seal
  • Low Spring Rate
  • No Lubrication
  • No Breakaway Force
  • No Friction
  • High Strength
  • Functionality Over Wide Pressure Ranges
  • Low Cost
  • Simple Design
  • Versatility
  • Therefore, fabric reinforced diaphragm pump is widely used for many applications.






Dia•Com is a leading international provider of innovative, cost-effective molded diaphragm and fabric reinforced diaphragm pump solutions critical to the operation of essential systems and equipment in industrial, automotive, aerospace, medical instrumentation, and food and water processing applications. The company's reputation for excellence is based on superior quality in the design, manufacture and application of its high-performance, state-of-the-art, fabric-reinforced and homogeneous elastomeric diaphragm seals.

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